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Let's design in align together


mentorship & coaching



I so deeply welcome you, to step into your own radical resilience.

Bravely becoming your most joyful, happy, & confident Self.

As you design with aligned awareness,

becoming your own most potent  + powerful

embodied agent of change. 


Our first meeting is 90 minutes to assess and target which facet of the Design in Align method you wish to focus on for our 3 month container to radical resilience & remarkable transformation. (This requires you to be all in & be ready & willing to shift.)

The 4 facets of focus are:





We discuss which facet you wish to focus your awareness on, and we create from there! After this first chat & assessment we map out our plan & how we will reroute you. 

Once we both decide with a full, unwavering, "Yes!" to the transformation, we move into the 3 month transformational container.

With this you will receive personalized worksheets, journal prompts, bi-weekly 1:1 calls to check in on your progress & remap you through your own personal path of transformation!

This is a 3 month deep dive into yourself. I am your guide, facilitator, mentor, your witness, your new perspective. You will receive guides created just for your own personal transformation to awaken you and to create potent, sustainable change! 


You will receive:

personalized worksheets

journal prompts 

bi-weekly 1:1 calls

guided meditations 

movement prompts

body conscious practices

insights into the authentic magic you hold

greater confidence + aligned awareness

unlimited access with text & voice message via Whatsapp

& much more!


With these tools, we will remap you through your own personal path of transformation!

I highly recommend the 3 month transformational coaching package to create real, sustainable change within your mind, body, & spirit. Our 1:1 sessions may meet either in person, via zoom or just over the phone. 

With this package you will also receive your own yoga & meditations sent directly to your whatsapp container to keep you feeling motivated, growing & creating real transformation!

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Connection is our richest resource.


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