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30 min to reharmonize your entire body & being.

  • 30 minutes
  • 55 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Sound healing is an incredibly revolutionary, new way to heal your body in a deeply profound way. Centered Somatic Sound healing treatments harmonize your entire body in on deep molecular/cellular level.  Sound healing is one the most profoundly transformative body treatments you may receive. You may be under blanket/sheets  or receive treatment fully clothed.  Sound healing helps clear anxiety, depression, or any feelings of just being off in your body, tiredness is alleviated, for your cells recharged to a more optimal state allowing greater ease in your entire body & being. If are craving a deep reset  that optimizes your entire cellular structure by increasing the frequency of your body. This assists all your energy centers or chakras to function in greater harmonic balance, as well as all your organs, immune system and  all cellular functions of the body!  After only 1 Centered Somatic Sound treatment you will feel more vitality, vibrancy, joy and ease in your body, These treatments reset & reharmonize your entire being on an atomic/deep cellular level. For more information about how this works & why the effects of sound healing & tuning forks are so deeply profound please go to Tuning fork are set to a specific hz frequency to optimize our ability to attune our bodies back to the frequency of the Earth. The sonic slider is set to the Schumann Resonance  of roughly 7.83hz. Once this frequency touches your skin, it immediately rebalances, reboots, & harmonizes all your living organisms that make up your body as a whole.  174 Hz tuning forks are used to clear your auric field of any energetic imbalances, these forks are higher pitch and attune to the subtitles of  your energetic field.  They are used around your body. 89 hz combined with 144 hz create the frequency of the Golden Mean or the 12 position in the Fibonacci sequence, otherwise known as the most harmonic & most beautifully balanced frequency on Earth. When these are used together on your body, all imbalances are cleared by this higher vibration.  RECEIVE TRANSFORMATION

Cancelation Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment, please cancel within 24 hours. If you do not cancel your appointment within 24 hours prior to your session you will be charged a $50. no show fee. We understand things come up and life changes but please honor our time as we honor yours. Thank you kindly!

Contact Details

  • 565 Sherman Street, Ridgway, CO, USA


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