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Our bodies are interwoven as a intricate fabric; composed of fascia, a clear connective tissue, which runs & wraps around every bone, muscle, vein, nerve in our body.

It is the Sheaths of our body.

It runs throughout our entire body, it helps conduct the energetic impulses of our nerves to our muscles.

At Centered, you whole being is treated. Our treatments begin with an assessment of your whole Self.

The depth of your treatment will include highly aware hands of therapeutic massage + bodywork techniques, as well as attunement frequencies or vibrations to improve cellular function within your energetic body with tuning forks.

Each treatment is specifically designed in alignment for you that day.

Treatments vary from 60 minutes to 2 hours.

Centered in founded with the intention to share sacred space, to allow your body to fully release & reset in a profound way.

A B O U T   



With nearly 2 decades of experience as a massage therapist, bodyworker & yoga teacher, Jennie has a deeply profound understanding of the body & all it's integrative elements.


Our bodies are primarily composed of energetic impulses, these impulses create the very fabric of our beings, of who we are. These energetic impulses allow us to move, breath, speak, feel, process & response to our surroundings. 

Jennie address your whole Self, not just one aspect of you.

Each session we meet You, as you are, that day, as the whole and Holy Human you are!


We begin our sessions with chatting about all of you,

any physical, emotional, or internal conflicts inhibiting your core energetic state of abundance, joy, ease & pleasure.


Each session we clear & reduce any physical tensions as well as any energetic imbalances that created them. Hands on unwinding & the use of Tuning Forks optimizes the body's receptivity to heal, clear, rebalance & restore you back into a more vital state of being!

Wellness for Jennie is a way of living, being & experiencing this life! She believes laughter, joy, movement & creativity are the most transformative medicines!


Jennie gets in nature daily, soaking in sunshine & feeling the Earth on bare feet as often as possible to ground & rebalance.


Yoga, meditation, breathwork, Tuning fork or sound clearing, with clean water, clean food, & clean mindset are her primary self-care & wellness ways, she believes these are integral parts of how we all can optimize our energy & states of being!


Jennie began her conscious awakening at college in Colorado, with an Iyengar Yoga Course. This course transformed Jennie's life & shifted her life path into learning & leading the Healing Arts as her life work.

Jennie has run 3 yoga studios prior to Centered, where she now, primarily offers therapeutic bodywork & Somatic Sound Sessions, with Lifestyle Counseling & Coaching at Centered.

Jennie did her Yoga Teacher Training in Boulder, CO.

Where she did her formal training with CorePower Yoga, & studied deeply with Richard Freeman & other impeccable yoga teachers & other leaders of wellness & wellbeing. She completed her training in 2006 & has been teaching & leading workshops & International retreats since then!

She completed her Massage Therapy & Bodywork training in Montana. Then, followed these by opening her first business, The Yoga Center, in Montana, her home state. 

Jennie ran The Yoga Center for 7 years, where she lead weekly classes, workshops & International retreats! She then, got the opportunity to move to Kauai! So she did!

Kauai was incredibly lovely, she lived there for 2 years, then realized home is in the mountains, she needed snow & cold air & seasons! So she made her way back to the snowy mountains of SW Colorado & opened Centered with the intention to serve, support, lift & shift! 

Jennie has been an athlete for many years, as well as yogi, bodyworker & artist. Her touch is soothing, deep & integrative. She addresses you as the whole Human you are & supports you on your path to your happiest, most vibrant Self! 

Please feel free to text with questions or any further inquiries about how Jennie may support your being & body to it's most optimal state of joy & ease.

So much love,


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